Oats Chilla

Oats Chilla
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    3 People
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Most people tend to know very limited use of Oats; so here I’m adding one more oats recipe – Oats ka Chilla, which is great for weight loss; and tasty too.

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  • 3/4th cup of oats.
  • 1 spoon besan (chickpeas flour).
  • Salt.
  • Finely chopped onion.
  • Shredded carrot.
  • Finely chopped tomatoes.
  • Finely chopped green chillies.
  • Finely chopped coriander.
  • Haldi powder (turmeric powder).
  • Water.
  • Oil.


How to Make Oats Chilla?

  • Take 3/4th cup of oats and crush it in a mixer.
  • To give it binding, add 1 spoon besan (chickpeas flour).
  • Add some salt
  • Now add some vegetables- finely chopped onion, carrots shredded and finely chopped tomatoes.
  • Add 2 finely chopped green chillies and chopped coriander.
  • Add haldi powder (Turmeric powder).
  • Mix well.
  • You can add red chilli powder too if you want it spicy.
  • Add 2 spoon water and mix it then if you need to add 1 more spoon of water if you find the batter to be thick.
  • Never put too much water as vegetables also release water
  • Heat up the pan
    take a few drops of oil.
  • Now take 2-3 spoon of batter, spread it evenly and make pancakes out of the same.
  • Cook on both the sides; takes 5-7 minutes on both sides.
  • When you flip it before that apply oil on top.
  • So there you go oats chille are ready.
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