Oreo Malai Rolls Recipe

Oreo Malai Rolls

    Oreo Malai Rolls Recipe

    Takes hardly 10 minutes to make this few ingredients dessert – Oreo Malai Rolls – Enjoy with family.

    Make 10 minute Oreo Malai Rolls Dessert | Quick & Easy


    My Secrets

    • 1.25 cup milk.
    • 1 cup milk powder.
    • 3 tbs sugar.
    • 1/4 cup cooking cream/ malai.
    • 1 packet Oreo biscuit (chura/ powder).
    • 5-6 bread slices.


    How to make?

    • Take a pan, add 1.25 cup milk.
    • Add 1 cup milk powder and mix it well.
    • Add 3 tbs sugar, now heat up the pan and cook it on medium flame for 8-10 mins (until it turns thicker).
    • Keep stirring the mixture, turn the flame slow and add 1/4 cup cooking cream/ malai.
    • Transfer the mixture in a bowl.
    • Further pour 3-4 spoon malai mixture in the same pan and cook it on medium flame for 5-7 mins until it turns thicker.
    • Then add 1 packet Oreo biscuit chura/ powder (remove cream and then crush), turn off the stove and mix it well. (You can add a spoonful of malai mixture in Oreo mixture if it turns hard).
    • To make rolls, take a bread slice, dip your fingers in water and pat it on bread slice to make it soft.
    • Place Oreo mixture on bread and roll bread over Oreo mixture making a cylindrical shape roll.
      (Make more rolls with the same procedure).
    • Place all rolls in a plate, pour malai mixture on it.
    • Keep it in the refrigerator for half an hour to set.
    • Remove the rolls from refrigerator, pour some more malai mixture on it.
    • Place Oreo biscuit pieces and sprinkle some Oreo biscuit chura on it.
    • So here’s your Deliciously Yummy Oreo Malai Rolls ready!!!

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