Paneer Pockets

Paneer Pockets

पनीर स्वीटकॉर्न पोकेट्स / Paneer Pockets

Kids get bored during the lock down, I thought this variation of snack would make your family happy. Pockets made from bread with the stuffing of Paneer, Sweetcorn and Green Coriander Chutney – tastes great; and adds a bit of fun. What is the best part? This is shallow-fried, and so low on oil. Enjoy Paneer Sweet Corn Bread Pockets –

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Cooking Process of Paneer Pockets

  • In a bowl, take 100 gm Paneer.
  • Add 1/2 cup boiled sweetcorn (Alternatively, you can add carrots too).
  • Add some Spring onion finely chopped.
  • Add 2 Fresh green chilies finely chopped (Alternatively, you can use red chilli powder or chilli flakes).
  • Then add 2 spoons hung curd (Alternatively, you can use mayonnaise or cheese spread).
  • To give it the flavours, I have used Green Coriander Chutney which we use commonly in a vegetable sandwich or as a side condiment with Indian snacks. (Alternatively, you may use Pizza sauce 1 spoon).
  • Add little salt – go easy on the salt as chutney will also have salt.
  • Add some crushed peppers.
  • Mix well- stuffing is ready.
  • Take a few slices of bread and take-out sides.
  • Flatten with a rolling pin.
  • Apply water on the sides of the bread.
  • Now seal the borders and using the fork lock the sides so they don’t open up when we do shallow fry.
  • So your pockets are ready to go for further cooking.
  • Heat up the pan, pour few spoons of oil and place 4-5 bread pockets for shallow fry.
  • Cook on both sides for 3-4 minutes.
  • So pockets are ready; just eat them with ketchup or just like that actually, you don’t need anything.

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