Pista Chocolate

Pista Chocolate

Pista Chocolate Rocks

 3 ingredients, 10 minutes and you will have the California Pistachio Chocolate Rocks ready. Enjoy.

How to make Chocolate Rocks/ Kid’s Special Chocolate Recipe?


  • 100 gm Dark Chocolate Compound.
  • 100 gm White Chocolate Compound.
  • 100 gm California Pistachios.


How to make?

  • Melt chocolates.
  • Add half Pistachios in white chocolate
    and other half in the dark chocolate.
  • Gently mix both.
  • Take spoonful of pista white chocolate mix.
  • Place on a mat
    Garnish with chopped california pistachios.
  • Repeat same steps with pista dark chocolate mix.
  • Let pista chocolate rocks cool down.
  • California Chocolate Rocks are ready.

Pista Chocolate Rocks Recipe Video

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