Ragi Uttapam Recipe

Ragi Uttapam Recipe

    Ragi Uttapam Recipe

    Super super healthy and tasty too. Include Ragi/ Nachni to your diet. Great for health and a refreshing change from regular breakfast.

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    Secrets of Ragi Uttapam Recipe

    • 1 cup ragi(nachni) flour. 
    • 1/4th cup wheat flour.
    • 1/4th cup rice flour (optional). 
    • 3/4th cup water. 
    • Half tsp yeast/ baking soda (optional for quick fermentation). 
    • Salt as per taste.
    • Finely Chopped coriander. 
    • 1-2 finely chopped green onions.
    • 1-2 finely chopped chillies.
    • Cumin seeds. 
    • Some grated coconut fresh/ dry (optional). 
    • Oil.
    • Butter/ ghee (optional).


    Ragi Uttapam Cooking Process

    • Take a mixing bowl.
    • Add 1 cup ragi (nachni) flour (it is considered as very healthy grain since it contains rich fibers which helps in weight loss and it helps to control the sugar level for diabetic patients, it also contains huge amount of vitamin D).
    • Add 1/4th cup wheat flour. 
    • Add 1/4th cup rice flour (optional it gives little crunch to the pancake (From all such multigrains we can make a very healthy breakfast).
    • Add approx 3/4th cup of water to it and mix it well Rest the mixture for minimum 3 hours for blending (In option we can add half tsp of yeast / baking soda in the mixture for fermentation).
    • Check the batter after 3 hours, the consistency of the batter should be lighter/ thinner than before. 
    • Add salt as per taste. 
    • Add finely chopped coriander.
    • Add finely chopped green onions.
    • Add finely chopped chillies.
    • Add cumin seeds, it gives a nice flavor to it. 
    • Add some grated coconut fresh/ dry (optional).
    • Again mix it well. 
    • Now heat up the non stick pan
      put some oil on it and then wipe the oil with a tissue. 
    • Put the batter on pan to make small sized pancakes. 
    • Pour some oil around it (use butter/ ghee in option to taste it better). 
    • Cover the lid and cook on medium flame. 
    • Good steam prevents the use of more oil / butter/ ghee.
    • Now open the lid after 2-3 mins and
      you will see nice air bubbles on the pancake, flip the cake and again cover it up with the lid and leave it for 2-3 mins  to cook the other side of it. (You can put the vegetables on the top of the pancake instead of putting in the batter, as we put it on the normal uttapam).
    • And then your healthy ragi (nachni) pancake will be ready.
    • Serve it with curd/ pudina chutney,
      it tastes very nice.

    Watch Ragi Uttapam Cooking Process in video

    Watch same Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/YQit90TwJKM.

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