Sabudana Khichdi Bhel

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Famous Gujarati Street Food – Sabudana Khichdi Bhel.. very different concept of bhel and you can have during fasting too


1/2 cup sabudana
1 tsp oil/ghee
1/2 tsp cumin seeds(jeera)
1 pcs of clove(laung)
3-4 small pcs of cinnamon(dalchini)
Some finely chopped green chillies
Some boiled chopped potatoes
Some red chilli powder(Kashmiri)
Some finely chopped coriander
Some mint leaves(optional)
Some pomegranate(for crunch & sourness)
Salt as per taste(rock salt optional)
Some powder sugar(optional)
Add 1/2 lemon juice and mix it well
Some salted peanuts
Some potato chips
Some potato sticks


Take a mixing bowl,
Add 1/2 cup sabudana(rinse it well &
soak in water for 5-6 hours before) Add 1 tsp oil/ghee,
mix it well(to avoid stickiness during steam)
Heat up the pan/steamer,
bring some water and place the food
strainer(greased with oil) on it.
Put sabudana in the strainer
when water starts boiling and
cover the lid for 5-7 mins on high flame
Heat up another pan alongwith this,
to dry roast masala on medium flame
Add 1/2 tsp cumin seeds(jeera)
Add 1 pcs of clove(laung)
Add 3-4 small pcs of cinnamon(dalchini)
Take this rosted masala in a mortar and
pestle and crush it well.
Now check the steamer,
sabudana is cooked nicely then turn off the stove
and leave it in the strainer for 2 mins to make it softer.
Take it in a mixing bowl,
add crushed masala(as per taste)
Add some finely chopped green chillies
Add some boiled chopped potatoes
Add some red chilli powder(Kashmiri)
Add some finely chopped coriander
Add some mint leaves(optional)
Add some pomegranate(for crunch & sourness)
Add salt as per taste(rock salt – optional)
Add some powder
Add 1/2 lemon juice and mix it well
Add some salted peanuts
Add some potato chips
Add some potato sticks and mix it well
Garnish with a mint leave on top
Here’s your flavoursome Gujarat ka street food
Sabudana Bhel is ready to serve.
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