Sweetcorn Savory Pancakes

Sweetcorn Savory Pancakes

    How to make Sweetcorn Savory Pancakes ?

    Super popular in the Western world, am giving these pancakes a savoury twist for the Indian taste palette, making it a healthy breakfast option. Made with sweetcorn, my guarantee, you and your family would love this for a breakfast.Love M #SavouryPancakesRecipe #SweetCornPancake #ChefMeghna. 

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    • 1 egg (If you want eggless pancake then use 1 cup curd and little water) 1/4th cup Maida (Plain Flour).
    • 1 tbs soya sauce.
    • Some spring onion greens- finely chopped.
    • 2 green chillies finely chopped.
    • Salt.
    • A pinch of baking powder.
    • 1 carrot shredded.
    • 1 cup shredded cabbage.
    • Some chopped coriander.
    • Pepperika powder & Mayonnaise for garnishing.


    • In a bowl, break one egg.
    • If you want an eggless pancake, then take curd and add little water.
    • Add 1/4th cup plain flour (maida).
    • Add 1 tbsp soya sauce.
    • Add some green onions finely chopped.
    • Add finely chopped green chillies.
    • Add some salt – be light on salt as soya sauce is already salty.
    • Add 3 to 4 tbs water.
    • Mix well.
    • Heat up a pan.
    • Add a pinch of baking powder.
    • Add 1 shredded carrot.
    • Add 1 cup of shredded cabbage.
    • Add some coriander.
    • Now add 1 tbsp water.
    • By now the pan is hot
      pour some oil on the pan.
    • Take pancake mix and make pancakes on the pan.
    • It will take 5-7 minutes to cook pancakes from both sides till it gets golden brown from both sides.
    • Savoury pancakes are ready. Garnish with mayonnaise, spring onions and papperika powder.
    • Enjoy this healthy breakfast – Korean Savoury Pancakes.

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