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Tomato Cheese Sandwich | Chef Meghna | Meghna’s Food Magic


Tomato Cheese Sandwich | Chef Meghna | Meghna’s Food Magic

So many people ask me how do restaurants get the nice crust in their grilled sandwich and we don't get it despite putting so much butter.

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  1. Method

    • Heat up the pan.
    • Take tomato slices.
    • Add chopped garlic into the same & mix.
    • Add some salt.
    • Go gentle on salt as cheese will be salty.
    • Add some crushed pepper.
    • Mix it nicely
    • Keep the tomato bowl aside.
    • Take bread slices.
    • Tip: Apply Mayonnaise instead of butter on bread to get nice crust.
    • This will give you restaurant style crust.
    • Place processed cheese and tomato.
    • Place few basil leaves.
    • Place mozzarella cheese
    • Place the 2nd slice of bread on top.
    • Apply some mayonnaise on top.
    • Time to grill the sandwich.
    • Place the sandwich up side down on the pan....
    • so that the mayonnaise side is at the bottom.
    • Now apply some mayonnaise on top again
    • Gently press the sandwich.
    • Keep flipping it to make sure you get golden crust on both sides
    • Let cheese ooze out.
    • Slice it, Serve it with Basil leaves on side.
    • Enjoy Tomato Cheese Grilled Sandwich Meghna's way.

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