Veg Cheese Sandwich Recipe

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    23 Mins
    Chef Meghna
    2-3 People


Big Sandwich Bread
Chaat Masala
Green Chutney (Please refer to the ingredients & method in my Chutney Recipe episode)
1/2 Cucumber
1 Tomato
1 Beetroot (boiled)
1 Potato
1 Onion
1/2 Capsicum


In most parts of India, wherever I go, I find different versions of Vegetable Sandwich - plain, grilled, baked, toasted etc.
Coming from Mumbai, I wanted to create a version for all viewers to try at home; especially the beginners who long have been 
eating this sandwich at canteens, outside colleges, near office and other street. Presenting my version of Street Style Veg. Cheese Sandwich. 
Love M. #ChefMeghna #VegCheeseSandwich #StreetFood


Take a big Sandwich Bread, apply butter on the top.
Spread a layer of Mint Coriander Chutney. 
Recipe video of Chutney is available on my channel, you may refer to the same.
Time to start by layering vegetables. 
First layer of cut Cucumbers, 
then a layer of cut Tomatoes
and then a layer of boiled cut beetroots - an essential for street food style Veg. Cheese sandwich
Sprinkle some Chaat Masala on top.
Another layer of cut potatoes.
and a layer of onion
some more chaat masala
and a layer of capsicum and cheese.
And another bread slice on the top.
We will toast the sandwich on a flat pan. You may use oven as well.
Apply some butter on the top of the sandwich bread & toast it.Place it up side down on the Pan.
Now apply some butter on the top so that both sides of bread are covered with butter.
Let it cook till you get grilled-marks on each side - approximately 5 minutes on each side.
Take the sandwich off the pan and time to do plating.
Shred some cheese on the top.
And sprinkle some chaat masala.
Serve it with crispy potato wafers & green chutney.

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