Veg White Sauce Pasta Recipe

Veg White Sauce Pasta Recipe

Veg White Sauce Pasta Recipe


  • 1 cup Elbow Pasta – al dante (little undercooked).
  • 2 tbs Olive Oil.
  • 2 Garlic cloves.
  • 1 small onion chopped.
  • Salt as per taste.
  • 1/4 cup Broccoli far boiled (undercooked).
  • 1/4 cup Sweet corn boiled.
  • Some dry parsley
    Chili flakes.

To make white sauce:

  • 1 tbs Oil.
  • 1 tbs Butter.
    1.1/2 spoon Maida (Refined Flour).
  • 1/4 Cup Pasta water (Water in which pasta was boiled al dante.
  • 1/2 cup milk.
  • Cheese.
  • Chili flakes.
  • Parsley.


  • First we will take pasta & boil them al dante.
  • Al dante means boiled half way, and not mushy.
  • So if you taste it, Pasta should stick to your tooth a little.
  • Take olive oil in a pan,
  • Add crushed garlic cloves.
  • Give it a quick stir as oil heats up.
  • Add onion.
  • Saute it.
  • Add some salt per taste.
  • Add far boiled Broccoli & boiled corn.
  • Mix it well.
  • Add dry parsley.
  • Add chilli flakes.
  • Finally add pasta al dante.
  • Toss pasta with vegetables.
  • Time to prepare white sauce.
  • In a pan, take Oil and Butter.
  • Let it melt.
  • Add Maida.
  • Maida and Butter should be equal proportion.
  • Add some milk, and mix it such that no lumps are left.
  • Keep adding little little milk,
  • Add pasta water as the mixture will be very thick otherwise.
  • Add some shredded cheese.
  • Mix it well.
  • Add Chilli flakes & Parsley.
  • Sauce has mixed well. Time to add pasta.
  • Let it cook for 2 minutes so pasta sauce gets absorbed in pasta.
  • Take the pasta in a serving bowl.
  • Shred some cheese on top.
  • Season with Parsley & Chili flakes.
  • Serve with Garlic Bread. Garlic Bread recipe is available on my channel already.

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